Croatia / Supercut 300

profiles and baseboards

profiles and baseboards

SuperCut 300

Our company is a small saw mill and we process beech wood and oak. We have 39 employees. Our main products are parquets elements and glued plates. We had to increase the capacity of our saw mill, because of higher demands from the market. We made it with the new optimizing saw. We decided to buy Salvador, because only this company convinced us among all machine producers we have met in exhibitions. With their help we found the solution very fast. We hope this machine will increase capacity and improve quality of our products. Installation of the machine was very fast. Delivery time was according to the deal. Training of our operator was very simple and fast. Thanks!

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We know we are not only delivering machines. 
We are developing benefits.

up to -50% 

from italy since 1982

We realize that our work is not only about machines. We know that support, advice, openness and good relationships with our clients are also very important. 

Only a combination of good product and excellent service gives great results. Salvador offers many benefits. This is a guarantee of customer satisfaction. 

that’s what we call Salvador effect