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timber supply

SuperAngle 600

It’s a family owned company, now in their 70th year, providing a timber supply and manufacturing service to fencing and landscaping contractors, garden centres, local authorities and agricultural building contractors throughout England and Wales. They chose the Salvador S600 Super Angle Crosscutting System with 6200 mm infeed tables, the capacity to cut straight or angles up to seventy degrees, with an angle change setting of less than a second and an accuracy of 0.1 degree. The Salvador system has not only greatly improved production rates but also drastically reduced wastage. George Smith enthused, “The new machine has transformed our machining with regard to crosscutting performance and production rates and the new extension to our manufacturing facility was the obvious opportunity for us to develop this part of our operations. We manufacture a range of timber products including a considerable turnover in gates and fencing and the Salvador with its accuracy and angle cutting capability has proved to be the ideal machine”.

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We know we are not only delivering machines. 
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We realize that our work is not only about machines. We know that support, advice, openness and good relationships with our clients are also very important. 

Only a combination of good product and excellent service gives great results. Salvador offers many benefits. This is a guarantee of customer satisfaction. 

that’s what we call Salvador effect