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SuperCut 500, SuperPush 200

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of garden timber products. We two Salvador SuperPush 250 crosscuts alongside a Salvador SuperAngle 600. Both SuperPush 250 machines are identical featuring 6.2m infeed length capacity, automatic chain loading and tilt return ejection system on the outfeed. Drymill Manager, Jerry McLachlan: „The three Salvador’s have actually replaced four of our old saws and still have capacity to spare. We produce a range of products including garden buildings, fencing, decking and decorative structures so flexibility is important. However, for me, it is not only about the machines capability. Technical support and backup is key”.

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Forest Garden Ltd
We know we are not only delivering machines. 
We are developing benefits.

up to -50% 

from italy since 1982

We realize that our work is not only about machines. We know that support, advice, openness and good relationships with our clients are also very important. 

Only a combination of good product and excellent service gives great results. Salvador offers many benefits. This is a guarantee of customer satisfaction. 

that’s what we call Salvador effect